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Boom! It’s on the Blockchain is a dynamic and informative podcast hosted by Alastair Caithness delving into a diverse range of topics including Blockchain,
Tokenization, Metaverse, Oil and Gas, Bitcoin, Cybersecurity, NFTs, Carbon Tracking, Renewables, Security Tokens, Solar, Web3, Ethereum, CO2 Capture,
Nuclear, Wind, Co2, and the digitization of the Energy Sector

We also conduct insightful interviews with prominent industry leaders to uncover their valuable perspectives on blockchain, crypto, cybersecurity, and the digital transition

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Meet Alastair Caithness

Alastair Caithness started the podcast in 2019 to educate his audience about blockchain, tokenization & cryptocurrency.  He is a recognized leader in the development of asset-backed, blockchain tokens and is CEO of Energy Tokens and Ziyen.  In October 2020 he was a co-author of the first financial journal research paper on “Finance infrastructure through blockchain based tokenization.” 

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